Announcement Reveals Big Changes Coming With Release of AngularJS 2.0

Announcement Reveals Big Changes
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Announcement Reveals Big Changes Coming With Release of AngularJS 2.0

As we increasingly adopt AngularJS as the technology du jour for front-end web development, we are keeping our ears and eyes open for information on what’s next with the framework.  The battle drums for Angular 2.0 can now be heard just over the horizon and the ranks are quickly forming both for and against the next iteration of this toolset.

Earlier this week, the Angular team’s most recent reveal at the NG Europe conference revealed some drastic changes that immediately polarized the community.  The loss of some of the basic components of Angular 1.X such as controllers, directives, and $scope will mean a necessary rewrite of any application using the current framework to get the benefits of an upgrade to 2.0. The new architecture is also meant to play well with Google’s programming language AtScript, which means yet another departure from the status quo.

With the release of 2.0 more than a year away, I don’t think there is a need to panic just yet.  Google is playing it smart by announcing some of the major changes early to give developers time to absorb and adapt.  Regardless, it will be a technology to continue to watch and evaluate as more information is released.

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