Author: Doug Getty

Cloud native cites the concept of building and running applications to leverage the benefits of the distributed computing offered by a cloud delivery model.
Here are some vital tips to take your healthcare cybersecurity to the next level.
The pandemic ignited the embers of digital health transformation creating an urgency for everything from patient engagement to core back-office operations.
Research has shown that hybrid teams can increase productivity, positively impacting an organization’s bottom line.
IT automation refers to the use of software to complete instructions and processes with IT systems. It is also called infrastructure automation.
IT governance should constantly be changing and evolving. Look for better ways for your business processes that can improve efficiency and reduce costs.
To cultivate a meaningful workplace culture, a vision statement should be sharp and precise.
There are several benefits that labs can get from device integration including operational efficiency, user satisfaction, and data integrity.
An accurate understanding of risk management is essential for companies to learn to harness the power and opportunities made available to them.