Bio Sciences

Bio Sciences

Our dedicated digital biosciences division specializes in:

  • Custom Software Development Services
  • Web App Development Services
  • Software Testing & QA
  • UI/UX Design
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • AI, MAchine Learning, & RPA
  • Hybrid Onshore-Offshore Team Scaling

Extend & Expand Your Business

Our biosciences innovation team builds custom, enterprise software that
optimizes scientific research & development processes.

Development Cost Reduction

The goal:Technossus leverages our global team of highly-skilled technologists to give our clients proficient outsourcing capabilities. We can help compress time and reduce costs dramatically by deploying our proven hybrid enterprise development model.
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Development Cost Reduction

Technical Team Scaling

The goal:Technossus helps clients at all stages of their growth. We provide product development & business scaling as well as new product release roadmapping and more. We regulalry source and manage technical plus functional roles that understand your industry and business needs well.
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Technical Team Scaling

Highly Skilled Specialists

The goal:Deliver the best developers, QA engineers, designers, and project managers. Technossus delivers the specialized expertise and fresh ideas that will give you a competitive edge. Our unique value is that we will help you leverage the latest technology in order to find the best possible solution for your particular business need.
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Highly Skilled Specialists

Ready to have our digital value engineers develop a custom plan?

Applying Advanced Technologies

Applying Advanced Technologies

Software Development

We work to transform new technology into key strategic assets for your company by updating your infrastructure, modernizing your platform, & securely managing your data.

Software Testing & QA

We improve outcomes by enhancing the quality of information your company utilizes. We improve the access to data to accelerate exchanges in real-time.

Web App Development

We enhance productivity & performance by providing staff with affordable & effective IT solutions so you can improve performance & optimize your business offering.

Enabling New Products & Services

Enabling New Products & Services

UI/UX Design

To begin each new project, we conduct the most advanced application requirements analysis and design. Then we apply our findings to design an efficient UI/UX experience.

Product Roadmaps

We create candidate & solution architecture by analyzing the technical environment for reusable components, services, & platforms. Then we plan integration & phase out roadmaps.


Through the use of AI, Machine Learning, & RPA, we make sure automation is built in as a functional asset where & when it meets your business needs

Transforming Operations

Transforming Operations

Data Integration

We look to use your data to develop a strategy that guides your governance efforts, and drives improvements for your specific operating model.

Data Visualization

We help our clients exceed customer expectations by developing new tools & resources to expand service offerings, planning tools, & customer engagement paths.

Workflow Automation

Digital value engineering is our process for designing the most advantageous workflow process improvements for your organization.

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