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    HTML5 Mobile Application

The Challenge

In early 2009, the demand for mobile applications had increased dramatically and a commoditization of apps had started to occur. A startup company had an idea to see if it were possible to write a software system that could dynamically build mobile apps for end users without the need for any software development effort. The first release was targeted toward X-Games athletes.

This app filled a need in an exciting and ever changing industry. Staying ahead of the competition is always important.

Kevin Castle,

The Solution

The application had 2 primary areas:

1.The website, which allowed users to select predefined themes, styles, and app features, and further allowed users to enter content on an initial setup and ongoing basis.

2.The website hosted the HTML5 content which was displayed through the native app on the end users view.

The first release of the application was built using HTML5 along with a Native iPad/iPhone approach which would allow for the system to take advantage of both designs. The application was architected and designed to support more than 20 thousand concurrent users. In order to support an exponential growth curve and adoption, Technossus utilized the Facebook and MySpace API’s and used QR Codes to install the application. This method allowed the apps to be quickly deployed and installed on mobile devices.

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Upon release of the application, end users were able to create working mobile apps within minutes. Users are able to add pictures, videos, and other media to their personal mobile app. Automatic updates allow the app to be current with the ever-changing lives of extreme athletes.

The launch for the application was hosted during the X-Games where several of the athletes utilized the QR Codes to generate buzz around the new product. There were over 4 million views of one of the client’s website alone during the launch of the product that weekend.