Case Study & Review

    Mobile Platform Enhances Enterprise Value

The Challenge

Benefits Resource wanted to offer a digital insurance card to employees of their client companies. Doing so would streamline the annual process of issuing new cards and would eliminate the need to replace lost cards. Most importantly, it would allow employees to easily access their insurance information anywhere and anytime, including emergency situations when they might not have their current insurance card handy.

The Solution

Technossus surpassed expectations and delivered a personal digital insurance card along with a full mobile enterprise strategy and a mobile platform that could deliver a variety of services directly to mobile devices. The mobile platform was connected to a network of other service providers, providing a vehicle for Benefits Resource to deliver virtually any personalized forms, information, or applications that employees could need. Potential additional services included calculation of optimal health insurance plans for employees based on individual needs, detailed information on individual benefits and co-pays, and tracking of out-of-pocket medical expenses vs. healthcare plan requirements.

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The mobile platform created was so popular that Benefits Resource was able to white label the application to other insurance brokerages, creating a new lucrative revenue stream for Benefits Resource.

In addition, the platform allowed Benefits Resource to more deeply integrate services with client companies, making them a more valuable and long-term business partner.