• Case Study / BioTheranostics

    LIS Customization & Enhancements

The Challenge

Multiple tests could be ordered for a single specimen and an additional summary report needed to be generated for every specimen.  While distributing reports to the physician, the process was to fax each report individually.  All reports needed to be included in a single fax.

We can understand the customer’s needs well after working in the industry for so long which helped us to delivery what they wanted quickly.

Srilatha Arduthi,
Senior Consultant

The Solution

A cumulative report was created taking information from multiple departments and creating one report.  The report is generated through a deep integration with the existing LIMS and database removing the need to modify the underlying systems.

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There are many fewer transmitted faxes and the client is able to streamline their process.  Fewer manual steps are necessary in the day to day tasks through the integration that automated the workload.