Case Study & Review

    Automated Process Increases Profit Margins

The Challenge

In order to quickly assume a leadership position in the industry, Blackstone had acquired four well-established mortgage companies and merged them into a single entity, Finance of America. The new company urgently needed online tools to make the mortgage application process user-friendly in order to compete with the new online mortgage origination companies who were rapidly increasing their share of the mortgage loan market. The company also needed a unified brand to build name recognition.

To achieve these objectives, Finance of America required a unified Content Management System (CMS) that would serve the needs of consumers, brokers, underwriters, and real estate agents involved in the lending process. The CMS was a critical part of the effort to consolidate all of the customer-facing information, tools, and resources from the acquired companies. It was the foundation of a rebranding effort that would later encompass all aspects of how the consumer interacted with the Finance of America brand. This was a crucial component of their strategy to simplify the mortgage approval and underwriting process while improving the customer experience.

The Solution

Technossus handled the entire project, including technology recommendations, design of information architecture and content structures. The solution included four different CMS sites that all presented a unified aesthetic and could be accessed from the company’s primary website. Each CMS site was designed specifically to serve one of four different user groups, including consumers, mortgage brokers, underwriters, and real estate agents. Each platform had its own entry point and provided rapid access to the information needed by that specific group of users.

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Through the new CMS designed and created by Technossus, Finance of America was able to deliver a fully-operational suite of web services immediately available to thousands of users, launching an entirely new brand for Finance of America. The CMS presented a unified aesthetic, and transformed a group of disparate companies into one new, consumer-friendly mortgage banking company. The platform increased the efficiency of processing a mortgage loan for both the consumers and the employees.