• Case Study & Review

    Maintaining Innovation Leadership

The Challenge

Brandify wanted to find new and creative ways to help their clients better understand how their brands were being connected with consumers. As part of this effort, Brandify asked Technossus to participate in ideation sessions in order to discover what innovative technologies could be leveraged to better serve their clients. Brandify also sought guidance to enhance their reputation in the technological and marketing innovation space.

The Solution

The Technossus team analyzed Brandify’s existing product features and intellectual assets, resulting in the creation of solutions that made it easier for Brandify’s clients to access drive marketing results and actionable information. Brandify was impressed by the efficiency and thoroughness of the solutions provided, and thus asked Technossus to further develop a proof of concept for two of their products.

Slide Background


Even with a very short timeline, the Technossus team was able to create and deliver the proof of concepts for two unique new products for Brandify. Both products offered innovative ways for Brandify to deliver brand performance data to their clients. Brandify’s reputation for creativity was built upon and improved due to the new products created by the Technossus team.