• Healthcare ALM Case Study & Review

    ALM Expertise Drives Project Success

The Challenge

An American healthcare company’s executive team envisioned a CMS platform with backend cloud services that would make it possible for their customers to easily access and understand their health status, their insurance coverage and benefits, and the costs of various services, while simultaneously reducing the company’s customer service costs.

The healthcare company prepared to embark on a multi-million dollar software development project that would create one unified digital experience for patients who interacted with their healthcare network. The goal of this project, which was at the heart of the digital strategy, was to increase overall operating efficiency while at the same time improving the patient experience.

The Solution

To prepare the company’s IT team to successfully manage this substantial software development project, Technossus set up the enterprise-wide software development life cycle process, including tooling, processes, and infrastructure. They also configured Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) for company users.

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The engagement provided the company’s IT team with a high-level of confidence in their ability to successfully manage the planning, development, testing, and deployment of the new enterprise software system using the ALM tools and knowledge provided by Technossus.