• Case Study & Review

    System update reduces outsourcing 99%

The Challenge

NeoGenomics has commonly been seen as being one of the U.S.’ premier oncology diagnostic laboratories, with a network of laboratories across the country. Due to rapid expansion and growth, NeoGenomics’s existing systems were not adequately handling the increased data loads. Improving the system was complicated due to the fact that their labs were located in multiple states, where each lab had different equipment, different testing methodologies, and varying types of teams.

The Solution

The Technossus team generated substantial savings for NeoGenomics by focusing on workflow capacity. Working with the lab management, the team completely overhauled and streamlined the molecular pathology testing process. The system improvements included a batching process that allowed technicians to quickly scan hundreds of samples, reducing the scanning time for each batch from minutes to seconds. Due to the fact that one specimen could be used for multiple tests, a critical part of the new process was the logic that Technossus built into the system to distribute and track both the physical samples and the data generated.

The system changes that allowed the NeoGenomics staff and clients to track the physical location of each sample at all times were critical to the company’s growth. Without this capability, NeoGenomics would have struggled to expand their operations, as the risk of errors or lost samples, which could have produced catastrophic safety and financial liabilities, were much higher. The system improvements introduced by Technossus allowed the lab to operate more efficiently while increasing their testing volume, allowing the consumer to track the location and status of each sample, giving each consumer even greater confidence in the quality of NeoGenomics.

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NeoGenomics’ testing productivity rose 32% after the completion of the Technossus project. The system improvements, streamlined operations, and improved safeguards against errors allowed NeoGenomics to expand the volume of testing done at their existing locations without significant addition of staff or equipment. Testing outsourcing dropped by 99%, which improved customer satisfaction and contributed significantly to NeoGenomics’ profitability. NeoGenomics’ improved cash flow allowed the company to buy their main competitor, Clarient, Inc. from GE.