• Case Study & Review

    Building a New Credit Card Processing System

The Challenge

Payoff.com struggled to create a platform that could handle all VISA transaction types for payment processing. The company had a very short timeline to build a solution that would ultimately allow for their VISA certification to be approved.

The Solution

The Technossus team handled the project from end-to-end, from creating the software architecture to handling QA, ensuring that Payoff.com passed the challenging VISA certification process. The company not only entrusted Technossus to build and deliver a mission-critical application, but they also agreed to allow Technossus to build a Microsoft-based solution, despite the fact that their IT strategy had been entirely non-Microsoft-based until this application was introduced.

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Technossus’ application was pivotal to Payoff.com’s success. As an emerging startup, expanding their product offerings was essential to the company’s growth. Technossus created a flexible platform that integrated with Payoff’s existing applications, while also providing a platform on which to build additional applications and services in the future.

As a result, Payoff.com was able to grow their revenues and achieve their core business objective of helping people pay off debt and achieve financial freedom.