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    Case Study / Penhall

    A Custom eQuote Solution

The Challenge

A large North American construction company was having issues with creating consistent sales quotes. The sales reps were creating separate quotes using a variety of templates that didn’t conform to company standards and didn’t integrate with their current IBM Database. The company felt the need to create an online quote system that would integrate with their current database and provide consistency and tracking of the generated quotes. This would make the process more streamlined between departments.

Multiple system integrations on production systems are often tricky. We were able to complete it without any major system downtime which allowed for very little impact on day to day business.

Ravnish Bhalla,

The Solution

Technossus provided a web-based solution that integrated with the client’s DB2 database. The tool generated and stored quotes that could be converted into Sales Orders within the client’s database.  The application allowed the sales reps to generate PDF quotes and gave them the ability to email the quotes directly from the application. 

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After completion of the project, the custom application allowed the company to have a consistent quote generation tool across all sales divisions nationwide. By integrating the web application with the customers DB2 Database it created a more efficient quote to sales tool. Later versions of this application will include integration with SharePoint and their custom billing application. The client also wants to expand the online tool as a custom Customer Relationship Management system to maintain their client base.