• Case Study & Review

    Automated Process Increases Profit Margins

The Challenge

Prime Luxury Homes needed a web presence that would appeal to the needs and sensibilities of high net-worth home buyers and sellers. Their website needed a high visual appeal to present stunning, multi-million dollar homes. It also needed to make it easy and enticing to contact the real estate agents and brokers who were featured on the site.

The Solution

The Technossus team understood the importance of a website for a luxury brand, so they created a visually striking, and easy to navigate website that mirrored the look and feel of the clients’ magazine.

In addition, the Technossus created a Content Management System (CMS) which was linked to the new website. This made it possible for the Prime Luxury Homes staff to easily maintain and update information on the website. They could upload and change information about the  realtors and brokers representing the homes with just a few key strokes.

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Technossus saved the executives of Prime Luxury Homes’ a significant amount of valuable time in the company’s start-up phase. Technossus clearly understood the vision of founders, which enabled them to design the website and CMS with very little input or guidance from the client.  Because Technossus was able to accelerate the development of the website and CMS, Prime Luxury Homes was able to launch their website at the same time as their new magazine. Technossus ensured that it would take very little time for a non-technical staff member to maintain and update the website and CMS.