• Case Study / QuizGlass

    Mobile Trivia App

The Challenge

QuizGlass is a fast growing marketing company with a sales force nearing 100 persons across the country. They had built an SMS message-based game platform which was introduced to users in the form of a branded glass at restaurant chains. Users would participate in games, be asked questions, and submit answers, which would allow users to engage with a platform for marketing as well as allow users an interactive experience.

Their next generation approach for their application was to make a cross device mobile application which would allow users a much more rich experience with their gaming platform.

Many cross device applications can be created quickly and efficiently using web technologies.

Harrison Spain,
Director of Software Development

The Solution

Technossus worked closely with QuizGlass to create the SplashTrivia platform. The system was architected, developed, tested, and deployed by Technossus. This application was built with a pure offshore team to save on project costs. HTML5 was chosen as a platform due to the fact that it would have been costly to build multiple app version for Android and iOS platforms. QR codes were used on glasses which allowed users to load the app with the scan-to-install approach.

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The new Splash Trivia app has been such a success that both Google and LinkedIn investors have viewed versions in hopes of providing financial backing for the QuizGlass corporation. The app was able to be built for both iOS and Android from the same code base. HTML5, QR code, and click-to-install, has allowed for rapid deployment of the application.