• Case Study & Review

    Web Platform Enhances Brand Value

The Challenge

Capital Group decided to invest in a significant expansion of Microsoft tools and applications used within the company. This presented a significant challenge to the company’s IT department, because they had a number of business application development projects planned which would be complicated by the inclusion of new Microsoft technologies. The IT management team was concerned about the time required to get their staff adequately trained on the new technologies, the potential loss of productivity due to the conversion, and whether or not the new tools could adequately meet the needs of Capital Group.

The Solution

The Technossus team generated significant excitement about the power of Microsoft tools by building an extremely user-friendly registration app for a training event in less than a week. One of the most popular features of the app allowed users to drag and drop the sessions they wanted to attend into the available slots on their personal conference schedule, automatically registering them for the session.

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The registration application was a major highlight of the conference. The hands-on experience gave Capital Group confidence in their ability to rapidly implement Microsoft tools to meet their application development goals. Microsoft later asked Technossus to help produce a similar event in another region of the country. This was done so the Microsoft team could adopt some of the Technossus training materials and methods.