• Case Study & Review

    New System Links Physicians, Patients, & Laboratory

The Challenge

Vantari Genetics rapidly expanded the number of testing services they provided while increasing the volume of tests being processed in their laboratories. The manual testing processes greatly inhibited their growth, so Vantari Genetics turned to Technossus for help. Technossus assisted Vantari Genetics by improving  their overall IT road map, changing their business for the better.

Among many issues hampering their growth, Vantari urgently needed to create a laboratory information management system (LIMS) in order to manage the workflow and automate the data capturing process.

The Solution

The Technossus team discovered that the LIMS system could be further leveraged in order to address critical business flaws that slowed Vantari Genetics’s growth.

Technossus created an elegant solution that solved Vantari Genetics’s problems by building three separate, but fully integrated platforms that linked the patient, the physician’s office, and the laboratory in a single, unified system. The new and improved system integrated data from insurance carriers and delivery services so that the entire process was all accomplished within a unified system. From the most basic functions of capturing a patient’s genetic history and obtaining health insurance qualification data to the most complex functions of ordering relevant tests through the delivery, testing specimens, and sending the final report to a physician, the LIMS handled it all.

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The new LIMS allowed Vantari Genetics to rapidly increase the volume of tests they could perform. Additionally, it eliminated the possibility of errors being created during the entire process, stretching from gathering the initial patient data to  delivering the final report. By eliminating numerous manual steps, the LIMS greatly improved the reliability of Vantari Genetics’s output.

Vantari Genetics’s clients, the physicians who ordered the tests, also benefited from the new LIMS. The system made it easier to determine the appropriate genetic tests for their clients, while eliminating the time-consuming and painstaking work of ordering the tests.

 The new system also created a new vehicle for physicians to be constantly informed of what tests were available from Vantari Genetics. This made it easier for Vantari Genetics to grow their business with their physician network as their testing capabilities expanded.