• Case Study & Review

    Mobile App Expands Product Capabilities

The Challenge

To increase demand for their U-Verse product, AT&T recently opened an API allowing developers to make calls into the U-Verse back end system to create new applications. The API allowed developers to have access to all of the U-Verse’s functions, which included allowing customers to watch TV on mobile devices, managing a U-Verse DVR, and using a wireless device as a remote control. Technossus was brought in to manufacture an app that would engage customers while creating more traction in the market for AT&T’s U-Verse product.

The Solution

To start, the Technossus team analyzed the TV viewing experience from the users point of view. The Technossus team discovered that the usage of a second screen, such as a mobile device or laptop, while watching TV had increased tremendously in the recent past. Over 85% of consumers used a mobile device while watching TV, and 53% engaged in mobile-based activity related to the content being watched. The volume of TV-related social media comments in the U.S. had surged 363% in the previous year alone.

Slide Background


We-Verse was the first application that allowed a group of U-Verse customers to watch sporting events, TV shows, or movies together on different screens in multiple locations. It offered an innovative way to make AT&T’s product the centerpiece of an immersive social TV experience.