Biotheranostics had a dilemma with the new next-generation sequencing (NGS) tests they had developed. Although the test was highly efficacious and could have a significant impact on their revenues, they were reluctant to offer this new test to their clients because they were unable to incorporate the test into their Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). However, they were also not ready to replace their current LIMS, so they needed a software team that could find a cost-effective way to update their existing LIMS.



Biotheranostics turned to Technossus to solve the problem because they are unquestionably the leading industry experts in the area of laboratory information systems. In addition, Technossus has developed a highly flexible, proprietary LIMS system that includes modules that can be grafted onto other LIMS systems to quickly improve functionality.

The Technossus team made two changes to the existing LIMS that instantly offered greater profit potential to Biotheranostics. They modified the existing LIMS to incorporate Biotheranostics’ new, cutting-edge NGS testing so that Biotheranostics could begin offering this test to their clients. They also integrated third-party analytics software with the LIMS, which allowed the Biotheranostics staff to review and analyze the high volume of data produced by the NGS testing without significant staff increases.

By incorporating modules from their proprietary LIMS into the Biotheranostics system, Technossus was able to make two additional system improvements that were appreciated by Biotheranostics’ clients without the expense of custom software development. One of these modules added a client portal to the LIMS which allows Biotheranostics’ clients to place orders and access reports online. A second module added a report-generating function that converts the massive amount of data produced by molecular testing into detailed, clear reports that are easier for Biotheranostics’ clients to read.



The adage “time is money” emphatically applied to Biotheranostics, and the Technossus project allowed the company to quickly introduce a profitable new testing service to their clients while, at the same time, improving the quality of the service they provided. The new reporting feature that allowed physicians to quickly make sense of test data and results was particularly appreciated.

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