Benefits Resource wanted to offer a digital insurance card to the employees of their client companies. This would streamline the process of issuing new cards each year and eliminate the need to replace lost cards. But most importantly, it would allow employees to easily access their insurance information anywhere and anytime, including in emergency situations when they might not have their current insurance card handy.

However, delivering a digital insurance card required building an application that securely, seamlessly, and automatically connected a wide network of insurance carriers, brokerages, general benefits agencies, and client corporations. Data from at least seven different insurance carriers needed to be integrated into the application to ensure that the digital insurance card contained current information, as health insurance benefits change at least once a year, and more often for some employees. In addition, each individual’s digital insurance card data needed to be available almost instantly via a number of different platforms, including mobile devices.



Technossus delivered not just a personal digital insurance card, but an entire mobile enterprise strategy, as well as a mobile platform that could deliver a variety of mobile services directly to mobile devices.

Because the mobile platform is connected to a network of other service providers in addition to the client company and their employees, the application provides a vehicle for Benefits Resource to deliver virtually any personalized forms, information, or application that an employee might need. Potential additional services that could be added in the future include calculating the best health insurance plan for an employee based on their individual needs, providing detailed information on individual benefits and co-pays, and tracking out-of-pocket medical expenses vs. healthcare plan requirements.

In fact, any information that an employer wanted their employees to have in their pockets could be securely delivered via this application, including highly personal information involving healthcare and compensation.



The mobile platform that Technossus created was so popular that Benefits Resource was able to white label the application to other insurance brokerages.

In addition, it has allowed Benefits Resource to more deeply enmesh their services in their client companies, making them a more valuable and long-term business partner.

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