Technossus Changes Agility for Massive Development Project



The client was working under an extremely tight deadline to create an online platform that would give current and potential clients access to the healthcare benefits offered by the ACA. The goal was to provide an online tool that would walk customers through the entire process of enrolling in a healthcare plan, including securely capturing pertinent personal data, comparing healthcare plan choices, verifying eligibility for discounted programs, and enrolling in a health insurance plan directly from the website provided by the client.

This new platform required integration with over 30 systems, including state and federal systems and all participating health insurance carriers, as well as the client’s own financial and CRM systems. Complicating what was already a complex and ambitious project, the requirements were constantly shifting as a result of the frequent changes in the exchange rules, participating carriers, rates, and the required data collection.

Moreover, this massive project had a firm deadline, and the client faced significant penalties if the system was not completely operational when the new healthcare exchange was launched. Critical portions of the project where behind schedule when the Technossus team was brought in to help complete the new platform.



There were already hundreds of IT professionals working around the clock to implement the solution on time when Technossus was engaged.

Their original charter was to manage just a couple of the project teams, but Technossus demonstrated such a superior ability to manage their portions of the development program that their role in the overall project expanded significantly.

The Technossus team took over management of the architectural team, which had responsibility for determining the final set of features and functions, as well as determining how the integrations with the multiple external data sets would be designed.

Perhaps more significantly, Technossus also assumed leadership of all of the development tracks. Drawing on their extensive expertise in managing complex projects and utilizing the best practices and tools they had devised over the years, the Technossus crew was able to ensure that each of the various development teams delivered their piece of the overall project on time.



Despite the complexity of the project, the high-pressure environment, and the need to keep people from competing companies working together productively, Technossus was able to guide the entire development project to completion on time. While many other exchange providers failed to launch an online system by the deadline or paid late penalties, the client successfully introduced their new self-serve healthcare plan enrollment system in time for the launch of the new healthcare exchange.

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