Migrating Applications to the Cloud

A Fortune 500 financial services client in Orange County wanted to rapidly migrate about 1000 apps to the Cloud.



The client’s Cloud Business Office (CBO) was looking to successfully migrate ~1000 apps to the Cloud on both Azure and AWS with an aggressive deadline.



Technossus determined the high-level requirements that would impact the various systems in the integration process, and then created, validated, and documented a working reference architecture which included:

  • The Technossus team collaborated with client and stakeholder teams to define the current & target Cloud Maturity of the client, and select appropriate Cloud Adoption Metrics.
  • Technossus then helped the client’s CBO plan activities around Cloud Adoption: governance, knowledge, cloud operating model, cloud architecture, infrastructure and environment, networking, IAM, operations and security.
  • Technossus helped create a runbook of activities comprising of actions and recommendations of the relevant changes in people, process, and technology.
  • Finally, Technossus helped client teams create a Cloud Migration Factory, and assisted with conducting sample pilots of apps to migrate while applying the lessons learned through iterations.


In this on-going project, Technossus successfully completed creating the Cloud Migration Factory and the pilots, and is on-track to migrate over 300 apps to the Cloud through 2020 and before the deadline. Technossus will begin the post-cloud migration phases: Cloud Re-factoring (rewriting, re-platforming) and Cloud Optimization in 2021.

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