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Technossus believes that technology is a powerful tool, but it’s just that — a tool that needs to be wielded properly to deliver the desired results.

And we’re all about results.


We Design, Develop, & Implement.

Technossus enables business acceleration and transformation for companies in the Healthcare, Financial Services, and Bio-Sciences Industries through a range of solutions around Outcome-based Roadmaps, Cloud Strategy & Transformation, and Technology Platform Optimization.

Our software solutions can transform your:

Mobile Enablement

Vision to Reality

We can work collaboratively with your team to develop and carry out a seamless implementation plan.

Application Lifecycle Management

Difficulty to Opportunity

We leverage the latest technologies to uncover hidden opportunities and untapped potential.

Application Lifecycle Management

Risk to Security

We take security very seriously and follow industry best practices to eliminate risk and ensure compliance.

Application Lifecycle Management

Strategy to Outcomes

We help you execute your strategy and realize the objective, measurable results.

Company Enablement

Tackling your challenges together.

Technossus helps companies tackle challenges head-on through digital transformation.


Modernize legacy technologies and their attendant inefficiencies


Accelerate digital transformation with the right approach, processes, tools, and expertise


Streamline operations and increase agility


Our 2020 Vision

We will be the company that owns the intersection of consultative thinking and expert software development.

Driven by our talented and enthusiastic people, we are committed to a highly efficient model that focuses on outcomes, value, and client experience, and lets growth be a by-product. We strive to “ask more why”.


Awards & Recognitions





Technossus is a highly recognized and awarded consulting firm based in California. Our consultants are proven thought leaders and have solved complex technology problems faced by key industries. As a result, we have been referenced in leading publications including:

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