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Industry Experience

Over the years, our experience and thought leadership has provided us with the opportunity to partner with diverse clients operating in different industry verticals. We’ve been fortunate enough to contribute technology solutions to various sectors including:

Healthcare / Insurance

Technossus offers comprehensive technology solutions to Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Healthcare Exchanges operating under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), General Agencies and Brokerages and large, diversified providers.

Life Sciences / Biotech

Our experience in the Life Sciences and Biotech arena has focused on the laboratory industry, and specifically the cutting-edge Genomic and Anatomical Pathology sector. Over the years, we have provided technology consulting and software solutions to companies on the forefront of life-saving new research and development.


Skyrocketing pharmaceutical costs are one of the biggest challenges the healthcare industry faces today. Pharmaceutical companies are looking for solutions that will reduce costs and time to market.

Financial Services

Technology solutions have revolutionized key functional areas including analytics, electronic trading and regulation, and portfolio allocation and modeling. Technossus continues to partner with companies in the Financial Services industry to offer solutions that respond to the growing demand for faster information, greater transparency and improved risk management.

Media / Entertainment

Every major entertainment sector has been profoundly affected by the sweeping changes brought about by the digital revolution, with new technology creating massive expansion and numerous opportunities for growth and profitability. Technossus has helped our clients in the entertainment industry develop and market systems and software that respond to industry demand for collaboration, speed and innovation.