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Workflow Automation

Resolve people, process, and technology bottlenecks by automating data entry and test processing to maximize testing capacity.

EMR Integration

Eliminate inefficient multi-system processes by integrating your LIMS into CareEvolve to enable instant data transfer directly to hospital EMRs.

Result Management

Streamline manual procedures by implementing tools such as barcodes to achieve consistent, on-time delivery of COVID results.

[ Case Study ]


Increasing testing capacity from 50 to over 1300 per day

The Challenge

Biocept wanted to streamline data workflows, test processing, and result management to increase testing capacity.


The Solution

Technossus automated their accessions and data entry process so test data was received electronically and no longer needed to be entered manually. Technossus also implemented a custom LIMS integration with CareEvolve and ELLKAY so Biocept instantly receives the electronic test record from hospitals.


The Result

Technossus’ workflow automation and custom LIMS integration increased Biocept’s testing capacity from 50 to over 1300 tests per day and allowed data to be transferred directly to and from their LIMS system and CareEvolve/ELLKAY.

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