What You Need to Succeed in 2020 and Beyond

Join us for a strategic discussion of AI’s current capabilities and the necessary steps you must take today to lead purpose-driven AI initiatives.


We will examine the state of AI in 2020 and identify essential action items you need to complete today to ensure AI success in a fast-moving big data world, followed by an overview of AI implications and trends expected to play a big part in the near future.

State of AI in 2020

Understand the current capabilities and limitations of implementing AI in enterprises.

Essentials for AI Success

Learn what technical and organizational steps you must take before implementing AI to ensure success.

Implementing Impactful AI

Discover how to form a compelling business case that will drive effective AI projects.


Isak Bosman

AI Solution Lead



Isak is an AI expert with over 15 years of experience in helping organizations find hidden value in their data and identify high ROI machine learning opportunities. He is passionate about teaching developers the latest techniques and tools that enable them to achieve amazing results with machine learning.

Why Attend

Connect with Experts

Gain insight from first-hand experience and knowledge of subject matter experts.

Stay Engaged

Maintain productivity and connection to the business community in the face of COVID-19.

Get Inspired

Learn how top Orange County companies are applying AI to revolutionize their business.

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