How To Accelerate Your Growth With OCR & AI

Join us to discover how Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can transform your analog text into valuable digital insights.


OCR is essential to any company that processes a lot of information. It enables the rapid digitization of documents and the extraction of critical information, resulting in a searchable and accessible database. The Finance, Legal, and Healthcare industries are the largest consumers of OCR, with adoption increasing in the Transportation and Event industries. Tune in to learn how you can streamline critical processes and optimize productivity throughout your business using OCR and AI.

The Current State of OCR

Review the market drivers accelerating growth and adoption of OCR technology.

Empowering OCR with AI

Learn how Cognitive Capture, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing are revolutionizing OCR capabilities.

OCR in Action

See how we have implemented OCR to enhance productivity and mitigate costs for our clients.


Isak Bosman


UC Irvine


Isak is an AI expert with over 15 years of experience in helping organizations find hidden value in their data and identify high ROI machine learning opportunities. He is passionate about teaching developers the latest techniques and tools that enable them to achieve amazing results with machine learning.

Brian Mulnix

Director of Functional Delivery



Brian is a mentor and leader in project delivery and management at Technossus. He specializes in helping businesses leverage new strategies for transformation and growth with innovative technologies that connect, enable and inspire.

Why Attend

Connect with Experts

Gain insight from first-hand experience and knowledge of subject matter experts.

Stay Engaged

Maintain productivity and connection to the business community in the face of COVID-19.

Get Inspired

Learn how top Orange County companies are applying AI to revolutionize their business.

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