Cloud Strategy & Transformation

Digital transformation and the transition to cloud systems have become a prerequisite to remaining competitive in today’s business environment.

Outcome-Based Roadmaps

Business as usual is now a death sentence; disruption has become an everyday reality and even well-entrenched enterprises must remain vigilant to future threats and opportunities.

Platform Optimization

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, any source of inefficiency can compound and negatively impact your bottom line.




Technossus offers comprehensive technology solutions to Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Healthcare Exchanges operating under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), General Agencies and Brokerages and large, diversified providers.

Financial Services

Technossus continues to partner with companies in the Financial Services industry to offer solutions that respond to the growing demand for faster information, greater transparency, and improved risk management.


Our focus is on the laboratory industry, and specifically the cutting-edge Genomic and Anatomical Pathology sector.



Technossus has become one of the fastest-growing technology solutions providers in our competitive space. During this time, one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to our company mission and core values, which continue to guide our daily actions and decisions.






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"As the global effect of the COVID-19 pandemic continually escalates, Technossus is committed to the health and safety of our employees, partners, clients, and communities. We are closely monitoring the situation and are actively responding to the guidance given by public health officials, government, and healthcare experts.

In order to help contain the spread of the virus, we have asked all employees based in the U.S. to work from home until April 17 th. We are currently testing and preparing for our employees at our development centers in India to begin working from home on March 19 th. Certain client teams will begin working remote as of March 17 th. We will adjust this date based on the latest updates in order to keep the health and safety of our staff and customers our highest priority. In addition, we have suspended all client project related travel for the foreseeable future.

Here in the U.S., Technossus has an unlimited work remote policy for the last three years and have been able to service our clients accordingly. This puts us in a good position to continue servicing clients without disruption. In the cases, where we have consultants on client site, we ask that they are given the opportunity to work remote if possible or comply with any client enacted policies on remote work during this trying time.

Please rest assured that we are doing everything we can to make this transition seamless and are continually improving daily project operations and infrastructure in preparation for extending this working environment for the foreseeable future. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any further questions or concerns."