Technossus helps companies modernize the technology they use to operate, increase revenue, and improve customer engagement. We provide world-class business consulting and enterprise software development services based on data & analytics to help global innovators gain practical value from their tech investments. Technossus focuses on offering Cloud Computing, Data & Analytics, and Process Engineering consulting and solutions development for the Healthcare & Lifesciences, Aerospace, and Financial Services industries as a California web development company.

Technossus helps companies reach their potential by optimizing the technology they use to operate, grow,.

and improve engagement with their customers. We provide world-class IT consulting and enterprise software development services to help global innovators leverage the latest available technology and solutions.Technossus delivers unmatched levels of quality in the fields of: End-to-end Software Engineering & Testing; AI & Machine Learning Application Development; Cloud Migration, Integration, & Optimization; IT Functional & Technical Role Staffing, and Enterprise Software Processes Management. We offer specialized industry expertise in Healthcare, Financial Services, Biosciences, Aerospace, and Technology.

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Technossus - A Global IT Consultancy

We’re Agile, Talented & Focused on You

Technossus is a global IT consultancy led by tech veterans with decades of successful digital transformation experience. As we enter our second decade of award-winning work, we continue to add the brightest minds in technology to our global team. We’ve helped optimize some of the most innovative companies on earth. Find out how valuable our tech orchestration services and insights can be for your organization today.


Providing Core Tech Expertise to Fuel Transformation

We focus on applying Cloud Computing, Data & Analytics, & Process Engineering best practices to create value, improve efficiency, and open new revenue channels for our clients.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Transformation
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Deploy, manage, & maintain

Data & Analytics

  • Data Strategy & Architecture
  • Data Lifecycle
  • AI/ML Analytics
  • Data Governance
Process Engineering

Process Engineering

  • Process Map & Architecture
  • Process Optimization Plan
  • Business Process Automation – AI/ML/RPA
Agile Capability

Agile Capabilities

  • Process establishment
  • Platform integrations
  • New applications
  • Enterprise projects
DevOps Capabilities

DevOps Capabilities

  • Process improvement
  • Platform integrations
  • Application development
  • Enterprise projects


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