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Software Testing

software testing

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Testing Solutions

Through a combination of manual and automated testing solutions, Technossus offers clients a proven process to accelerate product releases, increase test coverage, and improve reliability to discover bugs before they can negatively affect production.

Automated UI Testing Services

Software testing services include:

  • Test Automation Strategy Development
  • Automated Test Data Generation
  • Automated UI Testing
  • API Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Test Script Migration from Legacy Systems
  • CI/CD Pipeline Implementation
  • SaaS Software Testing Services
  • Health System Software Testing Services
  • Automated UI Testing Services
  • Microservices Software Services
  • Mobile Applications Testing Services


Technossus Software Testing Services

Continuously Testing Quality & Data Security

As a web applications testing company, our test engineers our proficient at over 30 domains of expertise and understand business processes within these domains especially well. This allows us to not only accurately test software but ensure it protects the continuity of your business operations.

Full Service Software Testing

Technossus Software Testing Services

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Enterprise Software

Validate that an enterprise app facilitates desired digital workflows while fully meeting the multi-layered requirements. We make sure the app functions smoothly after all changes made are introduced.
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SaaS Software

Conduct full-cycle testing of SaaS applications to deal with before and after release concerns, multi-tenant architecture, configuration & customization opportunities, and more.
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Health System Software

We test for software defects, legacy system framework incompatibilities, software design specifications, compliance verification, security issues, and more.
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Mobile Applications

Our mobile application testing services check for functional, usability, performance, compatibility, and security issues to ensure mobile best practices standards are met.
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Web Applications

Website and web application testing seeks to validate the ideal functioning and rendering of target environment to ensure performance, stability, & security n integrated systems.
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Desktop Applications

Desktop app testing services validate the function, security, stability, and usability of the application being deployed via installation and uninstallation tests.
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Data Storage & Databases Testing Services

Data storage and databases testing services involve BI, ETL, performance, & security testing protocols. DWH testing makes sure BI apps, DWH performance, corporate data security, & ETL processes work in line with business rules.
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IoT Applications

Testing IoT applications involves functional and integration testing of distributed architectures, performance testing to see how the ap handles large amounts of streaming data, and security testing at multiple device levels.
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Microservices Software

Combining a variety of QA activities, microservices-based software testing seeks to ensure the proper functioning of the collective microservices’ performance, stability, & interoperability.


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