• American Aerospace Manufacturer Case Study & Review

    Optimizing the production process 

The Challenge

A large American aerospace manufacturer sought to improve its production process by allowing their manufacturing staff to access their ERP system directly from the shop floor.

The Solution

Technossus was particularly adept to solve this problem, as they constantly working with new software, including any proprietary systems built by their clients. For this particular client, Technossus built a user-friendly application that allowed employees to directly interact with ERP system using large touch screens strategically positioned at multiple locations throughout the manufacturing floor. Employees were then able to quickly access any information they needed, such as schedules, reports, or schematics. The employees were also able to report any issues or immediately resolve problems such as inventory issues or schedule changes.

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By enabling manufacturing employees to quickly and easily access the ERP system and manage production directly from the shop floor, the new application improved plant efficiency. It also helped the company meet their very aggressive targets set for their manufacturing schedule.