Glidewell Laboratories focuses on making quality restorative dentistry more affordable and accessible to patients worldwide. They faced challenges from integration issues amongst their different internal platforms, they used Shopify for internal payment system and Microsoft Dynamics as a CRM system. Both Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics needed to integrate into Glidewell’s existing systems, presenting dataflow issues across different applications.



The Technossus team discovered that assimilating Glidewell’s existing systems into an API would best allow their systems to interact with each other and interact with future system operations.

Technossus joined with Glidewell’s developers and chose an API that laid out sets of commands, functions and protocols to provide developers standard commands for performing common operations.

Using their existing IT estate, Technossus integrated the API to interact with Shopify to autonomously handle internal payments and Microsoft Dynamics to manage customer relations.



In Glidewell’s complex digital landscape, the API enabled application and data integration into Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics. The API was integrated via polling by employees sending requests for customer information directly in the system.

By supporting Microsoft Dynamics, employees could search all relevant data by name, order ID, and order date. It enabled Microsoft Dynamics to provide immediate support and react to priority customers’ queries and issues.

Additionally, the API is integrated into the Shopify platform to accept international payments, working with credit card processors around the world to provide payment gateways. Shopify’s API integration automatically created customer profiles with new orders and synchronized online customers to reference and track order history.

Ultimately, the API integration was completed on time, resulting in uniting several complex systems to handle order management and provide a reliable secure POS system.

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