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Enabling Seamless Integration Between PLM, ERP, and MES Systems for Relativity Space

Modernizing critical systems for aerospace manufacturing.

Relativity Space, a rapidly growing aerospace company, faced challenges in communicating critical product data between its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) platforms. The company required a seamless integration solution to optimize its operations, improve resource allocation, and enhance its data tracking capabilities.

To address these challenges, Relativity Space partnered with Technossus, a leading technology consulting firm specializing in cloud integration services, data analytics, and process engineering, to leverage the MuleSoft platform. Technossus provided a range of services, including security, application network design and architecture, and automation of the development lifecycle (CI/CD), enabling Relativity Space to achieve a fully integrated IT infrastructure.

One of the key solutions that Technossus provided was the communication link between the PLM system and the ERP system. Technossus built a bi-directional data integration that enabled the feed of product design Bill of Materials (BOM) configuration and up-to-date changes to the ERP system, while also allowing the ERP system to update the PLM system with the latest changes to the BOM.

Technossus also developed bi-directional data integrations between the ERP system and the MES system enabling the maintenance of Product Part Item Masters and Manufacturing BOMs up-to-date, along with updated configuration changes per engineering changes. The integration provided collaboration channels between shop floor operations and material demand planning, supporting the building of Production Orders and inventory transaction integrations. The feed of shopfloor resource usage information based on MES activity to the ERP system allowed more accurate planning of resources and derivation of financial costing. The materialization of the product’s digital thread enabled genealogy support and tracking details between as-planned vs as-built BOMs.

Through Technossus’ integration solutions, Relativity Space overcame its IT infrastructure challenges and leveraged the full potential of its PLM, ERP, and MES systems. The integration of these critical systems enabled seamless communication and data sharing between platforms, allowing Relativity Space to achieve its objectives of optimizing its operations, improving resource allocation, and enhancing data tracking capabilities.

Additionally, Technossus streamlined the development cycle (design, build, deploy, and release) for MuleSoft integration implementations, reducing the effort required by Relativity Space to manage these integrations. Technossus developed MuleSoft Skeleton Templates that streamlined new API development and automation for CI/CD pipelines. These templates were designed to speed up the development cycle and improve the overall quality of code. In addition, the team created API Skeleton Templates to enable quicker and more efficient new API development.

To ensure the security and reliability of data transfers, Technossus designed and implemented secure integrations that could extract data using various protocols (such as SFTP, HTTPS) and different data formats (CSV, JSON, XML, and Banking Transactions) while applying business logic. The team also externalized and centralized business and application logs/metrics/KPIs for analysis and troubleshooting.

Technossus also enabled Relativity Space to provide and consume data from and to its on-premise network, Azure, and AWS cloud environments by connecting the two using Anypoint Platform features. The team implemented API Policies and Firewall Rules to enhance platform security, thus ensuring that Relativity Space’s data remained secure and protected.

To improve the governance, quality, and accuracy of its API architecture, specifications, and design documents, Technossus utilized MuleSoft API Catalog APIs to centralize and automate the publishing of content. This feature will enable Relativity Space to increase the governance, quality, and accuracy of its content in an automated way.

Furthermore, Technossus designed and implemented APIs that could notify Relativity Space engineers and technical teams of successful data arrival or failures through email and collaboration tools in high volume, improving the communication channels between the teams and increasing overall productivity.

In conclusion, Technossus’ work with Relativity Space showcases the importance of strategic partnerships between technology consultants and businesses to drive innovation and business success. Technossus’ expertise in the MuleSoft platform, combined with its focus on security and efficiency, resulted in a system enabling Relativity Space to streamline and automate its business operations, improving its productivity, and setting it apart as a leader in the aerospace industry.

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