A critical component of PathCentral’s strategy was the development of a platform that would allow medical professionals located anywhere in the world to collaborate on difficult diagnostic cases. This new tool had the potential to positively impact patient care, as studies have found that diagnostic errors are at least twice as common as medical errors.

Providing this service required a networking platform that would be as easy to use as Facebook or LinkedIn, but also met the rigorous requirements of the healthcare industry. It was also essential that the participating medical professionals be able to share test results and patient information when consulting with each other on complicated cases. As a result, the platform needed to integrate with a secure database of digital patient files and it required CLIA certification.



The Technossus team handled the entire platform development project, including design, architecture, and application development.

They included the standard functionality of any social networking platform, ensured simple registration and easy navigation, and added features that enabled data sharing and collaboration. The new platform also allowed users to search for other medical care professionals by geography, discipline, or specialty, which enabled users to find someone with the appropriate expertise when they wanted help with a difficult case.

A key feature of this collaboration platform was the ability to pull patient data, test results, and digital slides directly onto the platform to enable online discussion and analysis in a highly secure, HIPPA-compliant environment.



The new platform was an enormous success for PathCentral. Because collaboration has been shown to significantly improve healthcare decisions, participation in the new platform grew rapidly. This enhanced PathCentral’s brand and accelerated their market entry. As a result, PathCentral attracted the attention of XIFIN Connected Health Solutions, which acquired the company shortly thereafter.

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