Maintaining Innovation and Leadership



Brandify is a leading provider of digital marketing solutions that help over 500 brands interact with millions of consumers and increase sales at more than 4.5 million brick-and-mortar locations. Their innovative localized marketing solutions include brand scoring, scalable local SEO, local advertising, mobile-local technologies, and local-social marketing tools.

Brandify is continuously searching for creative new ways to help its clients better understand how its brands connect with consumers. As part of this effort, the company asked Technossus to participate in ideation sessions in order to discover what innovative new technologies could be leveraged to better serve their clients and simultaneously enhance Brandify’s reputation for technological and marketing innovation.



Technossus evaluated Brandify’s existing product features and intellectual assets, then proposed a couple of ideas that would help Brandify’s clients more efficiently access actionable information and drive marketing results. Brandify was sufficiently impressed by these ideas that Technossus was asked to develop a proof of concept for both products.

The first solution was a cloud-based data visualization tool that utilized the massive amount of data that Brandify was already collecting for each client. It addressed a ubiquitous business need: managers in every business are increasingly bombarded with an overwhelming amount of data as over two and a half billion gigabytes of data are created each and every day. Yet 65% of all people are visual learners, so enabling these people to visualize relevant data can dramatically improve the speed and quality of decision-making.

This new interactive tool allowed Brandify’s clients to easily query their data and generate graphical reports. The resulting visuals made it possible for clients to more rapidly understand the information and trends presented in the Brandify data. It also enabled clients to create custom reports with gorgeous graphics that were tailored to their particular needs, enabling users to better communicate results and decisions to others in their company.

The second product created by Technossus was an application that utilized Amazon’s Echo. It would allow Brandify’s clients to verbally query their data on brand performance. This application operates like a virtual assistant that can quickly fetch data and deliver answers in response to verbal commands. The new product was consistent with the increasing popularity of voice-activated devices; over 50% of voice recognition revenue is now generated by existing devices enhanced by voice recognition capability and 20% of smartphone queries are now voice searches.

Repurposing the Amazon Echo, which was designed as a consumer device, to create a business application is an illustration of Technossus’ creativity and new product development skills. Their ability to envision new applications and find ingenious new ways to solve thorny problems has made Technossus a valuable product development partner with many of their clients.



In a very short period of time, Technossus was able to conceive and deliver proof-of-concept for two inventive new products. Both products offered innovative ways for Brandify to deliver brand performance data to their clients. By developing applications using leading-edge technologies, both products would enhance Brandify’s reputation for innovation.