Mobile App Makes Travel More Social



Social network sites have become a source of both inspiration and information for travelers, but there was no easy way to access travel data on social media without visiting each site individually. Technossus endeavored to correct this problem by creating a mobile app that could replace printed guidebooks with up-to-the-minute information posted by other travelers.

One of the primary challenges in creating this app was integrating data from the various social media platforms. The app needed to capture not only hotel and restaurant reviews, but also pictures, videos, and comments about any interesting activity, cultural site, or entertainment at a particular destination. Ensuring that the pictures and videos presented the beauty, excitement, and drama intended in the original post was critical to customer satisfaction, as users could be making significant decisions about where to go and what to see based on of this new travel app.



Technossus worked around the clock, designing and developing a new mobile platform in just twenty-four hours. They created an app that allowed users to plan their trip, book reservations, and most importantly, view a wide variety of social media posts from other travelers about a specific destination. By logging in to the new mobile platform, users could access information across a variety of social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Flicker, and Twitter.

The new app was easy to navigate and had a strong visual appeal, which allowed users to share the excitement of planning a trip with friends on social media and get travel tips from other people who planned a similar trip. Once they had arrived at their destination, users could get the current information about local activities and sites, including those that might not be covered in guidebooks.



The app enhanced both the planning of a trip and the actual experience by making it easy for users to find new travel activities and destinations, get a vastly improved visual understanding of their destination and discover information about local events in real-time.

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