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Client Success Story: Tom Ferry’s WhatToSay.AI App

Technossus helped Tom Ferry develop a state-of-the-art mobile application that’s innovating an industry

Client’s Need:

Tom Ferry

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Tom Ferry is a real estate coaching and training company that offers one-on-one coaching, experiential training events, & online productivity products as well as sought-after speakers for exclusive events.

Services Provided:

  • Advanced Technology Consulting Services
  • AI-Enabled Enterprise Software & Application Development Services
  • Functional & Technical Resources
  • Software Project / Process Management


Tom Ferry has a reputation for having one of the industry’s leading real estate coaching and training programs. The company partners closely with agents to provide them with extensive industry guidance and sales support products. The company also prides itself on introducing the newest, most advanced tools to help its customers reach their potential.

Tom Ferry found that one of the key challenges for real estate agents was in their ability to establish and maintain trust with their prospective customers, especially as agents get busier and busier. The company wanted to create a mobile application using the most advanced technologies to:

  • Create more impactful first impressions
  • Increase sales by removing friction between different communication styles
  • Improve negotiations
  • Remove insecurity and second-guessing
  • Build trust and foster relationships faster


Tom Ferry’s product and IT teams were attracted to Technossus’ methodology of “outcome-driven” planning and development and retained Technossus to work with their stakeholders to quickly develop a proof-of-concept application that would listen to conversations and provide coaching suggestions to their realtors in real-time. This would become the WhatToSay.ai product – an entirely new class of sales tool that pairs human intuition with machine learning analysis. This application leveraged the Cyrano.ai conversation analysis platform, the first comprehensive Conversational Intelligence platform that helps users understand, collaborate, and influence customers to build more effective relationships to reach their goals.

The proof-of-concept was very well received by the Tom Ferry product team and Technossus received the formal green light to develop the production application. This POC-driven approach helped Tom Ferry to visually see and interact with the application that their end customer would eventually use and helped Technossus validate its understanding of the business and the solution’s relevance to current industry trends.

The Technossus team designed and developed the application with a ‘mobile-first’ approach, working closely with the Tom Ferry team throughout the project duration, and participating in application architecture through application deployment. The first phase of the application provided numerous advantages to the end customer agents by adjusting real-time conversations to achieve improved outcomes:

  • Intuitive & Streamlined User Experience
  • Interactive AI-Powered Suggested Actions for Agent Responses
  • Native Mobile Support
  • Real-time Customizable Conversational Output
  • Time to set up & build trust in relationships reduced
  • Increased productivity in lead conversions, negotiations, & closings
  • Agent’s time to respond to clients’ questions & requests was reduced
  • New tools to help agents resolve conflicts favorably
  • Newer more supportable Technology Stack


A new generation of natively mobile-compatible web applications has now elevated Tom Ferry even further as an industry leader in the real estate coaching and training solutions industry. Agents feel more empowered and in control using the new WhatToSay.ai application and can instill trust faster while saving valuable time in serving their customers. The new application was also delivered for full access to all client agents on time, thereby having a direct impact on the time to market for Tom Ferry to introduce innovative and effective technology solutions to the industry – a critical factor in this very competitive marketplace.

To put it simply, WhatToSay.ai identifies people’s underlying priorities and motivations so that agents can form a strong connection in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

The foundation is built on 39 different dimensions of language which have been proven to predict behaviors, preferences, and priorities. Basically, the way a person talks can predict their future with a fair degree of accuracy – someone who talks like this, thinks like that… This is one aspect of what is called psychographic profiling.

But unlike something like the Myers-Briggs or a DiSC profile, WhatToSay.ai gives end-users actionable steps for communicating with each personality type and adjusting those steps for the most beneficial outcome.

End-user agents can set the app up to help them relay information, convert a lead, or establish trust. The real beauty of WhatToSay.ai is that it works automatically in the background and then provides the information agents need when they need it.

By pulling writing samples from emails, transcriptions of Zoom conversations, text messages, and social media posts, the app creates profiles for every person the agent knows. The more information collected into the profile, the more accurate a picture the app paints. Agents can also integrate WhatToSay.ai into their email, CRM, and web browser so that it can automatically sort data into the appropriate profiles.

Tom Ferry’s AI app will show you your clients’ priorities, communication style, and a game plan for more effective communication. If an agent needs immediate information regarding someone they recently met, they can manually input data into the “First Impressions” feature for WhatToSay.ai to provide feedback based on as few as 100 words.

Watch the WhatToSay.ai App Video:

Reference this success story if you are:

  • Looking to transform your consumer or end-user experience using an application that incorporates advanced AI technology
  • In need of a mobile-first approach to developing applications
  • In need of new mobile applications in general
  • Doing any work with financial transactions & exchanges, real estate, and third-party program administrators and need secure, reliable automation
  • In need of advanced technical support with any highly complex projects, particularly those that involve interfacing with multiple other systems
  • Scoping or developing projects that involve highly regulated industries
  • Any company that needs help with ideation or project development strategy


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